Winter Session 2020-21--Dec. 7-Jan. 30

Thank you for making our fall session a safe and successful one!  With everyone following protocols, we will be holding a winter session.  Our winter session will be starting on December 7th!  Our schedule is posted and registration will open to the public on November 16 at 7pm and close on November 30 at 7pm.  ALL PROTOCOLS WILL REMAIN IN PLACE FOR THE WINTER SESSION:  class sizes have been reduced, as well as class times, to ensure physical distancing and to provide enough time for sanitizing between classes.  For ALL of our Kinder Programs, 1 parent is REQUIRED to be with their child for every class.  This applies to: Parent and Tot, Gymini Crickets, Tumble Tots, KinderKids AND Adv. KinderKids.  Again, these changes are in effect for the safety and health of our members, parents, coaches and staff.  

Winter 2020-21-Dec. 7-Jan. 30

WGC is sending 5 competitors to this year’s provincials in June

Covid Safety Procedures for Fall 2020

*Pre-Screening will take place before each class.  If you OR your child have not been/or is not feeling well,   PLEASE DO NOT COME TO YOUR CLASS!*Masks are required for everyone entering the facility.  Once on the gym floor, they may be removed- ATHLETE ONLY.  Parents...