At Woolwich Gymnastics Club, we believe in ‘Gymnastics For All’. There are so many benefits to participating in sport such as; starting a lifelong active lifestyle, confidence building, social connections, teamwork, independence, ability to follow rules and so on. We understand that registering children for sports can be a financial challenge. As a not-for-profit organization, run by volunteers, we keep our fees as low as we can while making enough revenue to pay our bills. Through our volunteers and fundraising we are able to do this. Even so, the cost of registration for sport can be a burden for some families; so we have compiled a short list of organizations that provide financial assistance to families to get their kids into sports.


JumpStart by Canadian Tire

Founded in 2005, Jumpstart helps kids overcome financial and accessibility barriers to sport and recreation in an effort to provide inclusive play for kids of all abilities.

Funding Details

  • Up to $300 per activity (can be funded for successive seasons in an activity)
  • Cheques are made payable to service organization

Financial Requirements

  • Families must meet specifical financial criteria as per Revenue Canada’s Low-Income Cut-offs chart.

For more information about JumpStart or apply, click on the link here: JumpStart by Canadian Tire


Kidsport Canada

KidSport provides grants to kids from families facing financial barriers so they can participate in registered sport programs and experience the lifelong benefits of a season of sport.

Funding Details

  • Up to $250 per child per calendar year
  • Grant will be sent directly to the sport program your child is signed up for
  • Your completed application will be processed within 30 days of being received.

Financial Requirements

  • KidSport Ontario reviews the financial barriers faced by the child’s family when determining eligibility for grants provided through the Provincial Fund.

For more information about Kidsport or apply, click on the link here: Kidsport Canada


GUTS – Growing Up Through Sports

GUTS exists to see all of our donated funds go towards supporting underprivileged youth in need of sporting opportunities in communities across Ontario.

Funding Details

  • Up to $200 per activity
  • Cheques are made payable to the service organization

Financial Requirements

  • Families must meet specifical financial criteria as per Revenue Canada’s Low-Income Cut-offs chart.
  • Programs should be a minimum of five weeks in duration and include at least one session per week. In the case of sports camps, the program must last at least five consecutive days for consideration.

For more information about GUTS or to apply, click on the link here: GUTS


Woolwich Community Services 

Woolwich Community Services (WCS) has been the helping hand, supportive friend, and the community service provider to thousands of Woolwich and northern Wellesley Township residents since 1974. We are the feet on the street, a resource helping where help is needed and a referral service to other community support providers.

Ways WCS can help:

  • If you require assistance filling out applications, you can call their office 519-669-5139  and ask for Tina.
  • WCS has a partnership with House of Friendship. The Rural Outreach Worker is Natasha, currently she is working Monday and Fridays, she can provide some financial assistance for camps. Natasha can be reached at 226-929-9086-  just leave a message with  name, phone number and brief explanation of request.
  • WCS can help families living in Woolwich and Northern Wellesley with a variety of programs, specifically low income earning households. These programs can help save money in other areas so you can pay for sport participation.

For more information about WCS and their programs, click on the link here: Woolwich Community Services


We hope that this information is helpful and is spread around to help more kids participate in sport!

The programs listed above pay directly to the organization. So to register for one of our programs using these grants, you will need to contact our Registrar/Head Coach, Maria, to complete your registration at