About us:


Woolwich Gymnastics Club is a not-for-profit gymnastics club located in Elmira, Ontario. We provide ‘gymnastics for all’! We have classes for those as young as 18 months and as old as you want!!

We are a Gymnastics Ontario member club and provide recreational classes as well as we have a competitive team who travels to compete in competitions all over the province.

WGC was founded in 1987 by running classes out of Park Manor school and then moving to EDSS. In 2007, we moved into our our first permanent  location at 97 Earl Martin Dr in Elmira. In early 2022, after our lease was not renewed and a couple of floods, we moved to our current location at 15 Park Ave E. in Elmira

In 2008, we were honoured receive Gymnastics Ontario’s ‘Ed Brougham Club of the Year’ Award as well as Gymnastics Canada’s ‘Ed Brougham’ Award in 2009.

Our mission:

“The Woolwich Gymnastics Club offers a balanced approach to sport by providing fun, safe, and challenging gymnastics programs led by qualified coaches”

Our Vision:

“Aspire to be a leading gymnastics centre in the region”

Woolwich Gymnastics Club is a not for profit organization. This means that we are not in the business of turning a profit. WGC is run by a volunteer board of directors. The board members meet miminally once a month to make decisions regarding marketing, fundraising, new programming, finances and other business sided things. All of our board members are volunteers. Are you interested in joining our board of directors? Send us an email to get started.


Woolwich Gymnastics Club is located at:
15 Park Ave E
Elmira, ON  N3B 2H2


Board of Directors:

President: Nancy Halstead
Vice President: Chad Barnes
Vice President: Heidi Kelly
Treasurer: MaryAnne Chan
Secretary: Diane Bender
Fundraising: Nicole Clemmer
Web: Michael Kuntz
Head Coach: Maria Code

Member at large: Carrie Doll

Member at large: Sarah Schmidt